Atmospheric Optics
time: 2022-04-07

AIOFM builds its expertise on atmospheric optics by offering comprehensive solution combining basic science, technology and engineering application to tackle challenges of climate change facing our country and the world. The team started their research work by figure out how laser interacts with, transmitted though air, based on which the team develops key technology for air detection by using laser as a powerful tool.

Center for Atmospheric Optics

Center for Atmospheric Optics applies its years of dedication in optics to atmospheric research to develop cross-disciplinary scientific program of atmospheric optics and laser atmospheric transmission. With its expertise of full-chain work on atmospheric optical transmission from modeling to instrument development, and then database building to assessment, the center positions itself as a power to meet our country’s demand tackling the environmental challenge facing us.

Scientific programs

Measurement and Modeling of Atmospheric Optical Properties

Laser transmission in atmosphere

Infrared Radiation Transmission

Lidar and atmospheric detection