Portrait (Mission and Vision)

  AIOFM is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center offering a throughout program from basic science to applied engineering to tackle environmental challenges facing our country and the world.

Started from the laser research, AIOFM pushes their expertise in optical research further to fine detection. It turns scientific dream into reality by fabricating advanced photoelectric instruments that are applied to environmental monitoring, deep space detection, Tobacco testing and medical diagnosis and treatment.

For many years, AIOFM has been working in convert with institutes, universities and industry. Through close collaboration, AIOFM strives to discover novel ways to develop atmospheric environmental detection through basic science on pollution mechanism, applied engineering for fine observational instruments, gaining better understanding of our planet, our climate and also the cosmos.

With its longtime dedication to optoelectronic science and technology, AIOFM possesses a series key labs and platforms with which AIOFM powers innovation in scientific and engineering capabilities, from national level to worldwide.

A glance at AIOFM: