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New experimental method for lidar overlap factor using a CCD technique [2015.07.13]
New Progress in Interaction of gas phase oxalic acid with ammonia and its atm... [2015.07.08]
Significant Progress in Novel Thin Film Solar Cells [2015.07.03]
Lidar Measurement of Atmospheric Profiles was published [2015.06.04]
The Kick-off Meeting of Helmholtz-CAS JRG Held in Hefei [2015.05.15]
Crystals and Crystal Growth Co-compiled by AIOFM published in the USA [2015.04.09]
Optics lens of AIOFM will be installed in EAST [2014.12.01]
The Environment Atmospheric Constituents Detecting System Passed Appraisal [2014.09.01]
New Breakthroughs in the Complex Borate Melt Structure Studies [2014.05.05]
AIOFM won the Third Prize of "China Standard Innovation Award" [2012.05.14]
AIOFM Participated in Joint Test of China Remote Sensing Satellite Radiation ... [2011.09.14]
AIOFM Applies Wind Profiler Radar to Forecast Disastrous Weather Successfully [2011.07.27]
The Comprehensive Observation Experiment for Integrated Air-ground Aerosol Mu... [2011.07.26]
"Development of Buoy Multi-parameter Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Syste... [2011.06.21]
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