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New Research Progress in 2.7 μm Er3+ Doped Q-switch Laser TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2020.03.31 Author:QUAN Cong Clicks:

A recent study demonstrated a 2.7 μm Er,Pr:YAP laser in Q-switched modes with a peak power of MW level by using a LGS crystal as Electro-Optic(E-O) Q-switch crystal.

This work was conducted by SUN Dunlu's research group at Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.

Mid-infrared lasers in the range of 2.7~3 μm have a widely applications in biomedical, optical parametric oscillator (OPO), remote sensing, LIDAR, space military and scientific research, etc. Thereinto laser in this region with high peak power and short pulse width is prefer to utilize in the biomedicine and OPO field.

On the basis of their previous research work about the spectrum and laser properties of Er3+ doped YAP crystals, the team demonstrated a flash lamp pumped 2.7 μm Er,Pr:YAP laser in free-running and Q-switched modes for the first time.

In free running modes, a dual-wavelengths of 2713.2 and 2732.2 nm were realized in Er,Pr:YAP crystal with a maximum laser energy of 346 mJ at 5 Hz. In Q-switched mode, a Q-switched giant pulse with 63.4 mJ pulse energy and 40 ns pulse width was obtained at 5 Hz, which correspondedto a peak power of 1.59 MW.

All the results indicate that the LGS Q-switched 2.7 μm Er,Pr:YAP laser could be a promising candidate for the mid-infrared pulse laser device.

Link to the paper: LGS Electro-optically Q-switched Er,Pr:YAP crystal laser operated at 2.7 μm

Experimental setup of the LGS Q-switched Er,Pr:YAP (Image by QUAN Cong)

(a) Output energy and pulse width as a function of pump energy; (b) Photo of a Q-switched pulse profile taken from an oscilloscope.

 (image by QUAN Cong)

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