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The Atmospheric Trace Gas Differential Absorption Spectrometer of GF-5(02) Satellite Passes Its Delivery Test TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2020.03.17 Author:ZENG Yi Clicks:

Atmospheric trace gas differential absorption spectrometer (or EMI-II) satellite payload on GF-5(02) by Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics under Hefei Institutes of Physical Science has passed its evaluation test earlier this month.

The EMI-II, as one of seven remote sensing payloads on GF-5(02) that is an operational satellite for hyperspectral observation, is used to obtain hyperspectral remote sensing products from ultraviolet to visible band, and then to quantitatively monitor distribution and change of global atmospheric components.

When put into operation, EMI-II will work on pollution reduction, environmental quality supervision, atmospheric composition and climate change monitoring for the country, as well as set a pilot application of hyperspectral remote sensing measurement in terms of monitoring pollution gas, regional air quality and atmosphere composition.

Previously, the spatial resolution index of atmospheric trace gas differential absorption spectrometer (or EMI-I) loaded on GF-5(01)satellite is 48km, but when it comes to EMI-II on GF-5(02), the resolution index is expected to be improved to 24km. In order to achieve this pretty high precision and maintain the signal-to-noise ratio and other key indicators at the same time, the develop team made many efforts to optimize the optical system of the instrument.

After launch, the GF-5(02), with GF-5(01), will form a network of a hyperspectral observation satellite constellation to comprehensively enhance the capacity to hyperspectrally observe atmosphere, water body and land. It is expected to provide domestic hyperspectral data for ensuring environmental protection activities.

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