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Chinese Research Team Completes Design of the Three Loads of Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Satellites TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.11.12 Author:SUN Zhen, ZHAO Xinxin Clicks:

Scientists completed the design work of three loads of atmospheric environmental monitoring satellites and the loads have passed their design review to move on to prototype development and production stage.

The Atmospheric Environment Monitoring Satellite is a scientific research satellite in the national civil space infrastructure planning and an important part of China's atmospheric environment monitoring.

The Atmospheric Particulate Observing Scanning Polarimeter (POSP), Directional Polarization Camera (DPC) and Environment Trace Gas Measurement Instrument (EMI-II) of the atmospheric environment monitoring satellite were undertaken by Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (or AIOFM).

POSP for surface polarization decoupling, could improve the accuracy of atmospheric polarization detection as well as provide data for the correction of the particle concentration of the entire atmosphere to the near-surface layer.

DPC could obtain multi-angle multi-spectral polarized radiation data and provide product of global atmospheric aerosol and cloud properties combining with atmospheric property’s inversion model.

DPC and POSP as two types of polarization detection load can also achieve the target of centralized observation by matching the observation elements such as field of view, band and time, at the same time.

Meanwhile the comprehensive information of atmospheric aerosol multi-spectral, multi-angle and polarized radiation could be obtained to achieve higher precision atmospheric aerosol comprehensive parameter inversion.

EMI-II enables quantitative monitoring of the distribution and variation of trace components in the global atmosphere.

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