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AIOFM’s researchers executed the field observation experiment in Macao,China TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.09.02 Author:WEI Xiuli Clicks:


From 25 July to 31 July 2019, the researchers from Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Institute (AIOFM) executed the third field observation experiment based on the independent-development mobile-monitoring equipment in Macao, China.

During the measurement period, the researchers detected the emission characteristic form the mobile sources to the stationary sources and analyzed temporal-spatial distribution of the air pollutions (aerosol, SO2/NO2, VOCs ect ). The datum could help to assess ozone formation of Macao, China in summer.

Moreover, the researchers detected and analyzed the atmospheric environment from the mobile sources, the stationary sources and the transportation by independent-development mobile-monitoring equipment during the Macao Grand Prix 2018 and the Chinese New Year. These field observation experiment could be give some cue to reduce air pollution in Macao, China.

In the next period, the researchers would assess the air pollution characteristic during the 30th Macao International Fireworks Display Contest. The series of experiments could be conducive to achieving better air quality for Macao,China.

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