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China Develops Comprehensive System of Water Cycle Detection for Accurate Weather Forecast TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.04.09 Author:WANG Zhenzhu Clicks:


China developed a comprehensive and reliable detection system of water-related parameters to meet its urgent demand for extreme weather alert as well as weather forecast in both short and long range.

The project, officially called Industrialization and Commercialization of the Equipment on Water-related Meteorological Parameters Measurement is led by Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science.

Water cycles among land, sea and the air with its three different forms. It plays an extremely important role in not only climate regulates but also the energy exchange between the planet and air.

However, there is few detection system which is not only comprehensive but also reliable available in the market.

LIU Dong who led the project conducted with his colleagues a series of research on water related meteorological elements and then proposed developing an instrument integrating Lidar, Cloud Cover Automatic Observation Instrument and Precipitation Weather Detector to detect atmospheric water vapor and aerosol profile, cloud and precipitation.

This system, they developed, is highlighted with high time resolution, full phase and day-to- -night detection, which could provide weather stations with accurate data reference.

In fact, the project has been tested to show its good and stable perfermance as it took part in ensuring BLUE SKY during “two sessions” in Beijing this year.

After the team tackled key technologies during the system developing process, now they have completed its engineering application, product stereotype, mass production as well as sales piloting.

In the near future, according to the team, they plan to expand their applied research to other weather related areas for instance accurate rainfall forecast, precise weather monitoring, short-impending forecast for photovoltaic power generation, airport take-off and landing weather warning.

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