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AIOFM's Spectral Radiometric Calibration System Helps to Commercialize Remote Sensing in China TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.04.08 Author:BAO Shiwei Clicks:


On January 21, 2019, Jilin-1 GP01 and 02 Satellite were successfully launched at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The satellite is equipped with visible, short-wave, medium-wave, long-wave infrared multispectral cameras with solar-diffuser on-board calibration system, which can obtain remote sensing data of 5 meters resolution, 110 kilometers width and 26 spectrum bands.

The laboratory Visible and Near Infrared spectral Radiometric (VNIR) and color calibration system and the on-board calibration diffuser, developed by Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, is helping China's commercial remote sensing to enter a new stage.

The laboratory VNIR and color calibration system mainly establishes the complete physical response model before pre-launch, which establishes a foundation for the quantification of remote sensing data. The system has the characteristics of short standard transmission link, large dynamic range radiation, multi-level and real-time acquisition of radiation quantity.

The key technical indicators such as output radiance of integrating sphere and uniformity have reached the international advanced level.

The on-board calibration system using the solar-diffuser establishes the radiation standard, based on top of atmosphere solar irradiance and Bidirectional Reflection Distribution Function (BRDF), and can periodically correct the radiation characteristics of the optical camera.

The developed on-board calibration diffuser has the advantages of flat spectrum and great Lambert, and can realize high-frequency radiometric calibration of the optical camera with full aperture, full optical path, full field of view and end-to-end.

The laboratory VNIR spectral radiometric and color calibration system (Image by CHEN Hongyao)

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