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China Develops and Commercializes Aerosol Lidar and Ozone DIAL Products to Relieve the Related Import-Dependence TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.03.22 Author:LV Lihui Clicks:

A research team with Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science developed and commercialized on their own the aerosol lidar and ozone differential absorption lidar (or DIAL) products that would greatly relieve China’s import-dependence in aerosol and ozone three-dimensional monitoring equipment and thus improves the country’s ability in atmospheric pollution monitoring.

The team made a series of monitoring products that are oriented to both long time field and vehicle portable obervation.

The vehicle-based lidar, included in the monitoring products, could realize the mobile measurement to obtain distribution profiles of regional pollution in a very short time and then to quickly analyze its producing and disappearing process as well as the trans-boundary movement.

It is the first real case that the vehicle-based lidar is applied to monitoring the pollution transport in city cluster.

Actually, China has been long time suffering the lack of instrument and data for aerosol and ozone three-dimensional monitoring.

The series of products, developed and commercialized by the team, would not only play a very important role in China’s grand events’ BLUE-SKY ensuring but also enhance China’s own capability to produce lidar system, which to a great extent relieve its related import-dependence.

According to the research team, its sales volume have exceeded 200 sets with its market share over 50 % till now. And these products form the world’s first PM2.5 and ozone lidar network that is used in environmental monitoring department.

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