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Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Payloads of GF-5 Satellite Pass On-orbit Test with High Performance TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.01.03 Author:ZENG Yi,CHEN Zhenyi Clicks:

The core payloads of on-board GF-5 satellite, developed by Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics(AIOFM), Chinese Academy of Science(CAS), passed the on-obit test with all standards reached or even surpassed, according to official release from the test team.

These three payloads kicked off their in-orbit tests with GF-5’s launching in May of this year aiming to support China’s atmospheric research and its pollution prevention.

After more than six-month’s operation, it has successfully retrieved trace gas information over China by obtaining global distribution of atmospheric trace gases and multi-spectral and multi-angle Polarized images as well as retrieving products related to atmospheric research.

Except its high performance, EMI(Environment Monitoring Instrument), one of the three payloads, served China International Import Expo in November 2018 for air quality guarantee plan. The high spatial-temporal pollutants distribution information collected by EMI assisted government’s decision-making and evaluation of air quality guarding during the event.

The development team undertakes quite a few related payload development tasks. One of typical payloads is the Ultraviolet Hyper-spectral Pollution-gas Monitor carried on High-Precision Greenhouse-Gas Comprehensive Exploration Satellite, which focuses on detection of pollution gases NO2, SO2, O3, etc. In addition to inherit the design of EMI payload on GF-5 satellite, its performance has been greatly improved.

The spatial resolution of the payload has been raised from 48 km*13 km to 7 km*7 km and thus enormously improve the capability of the air pollution remote sensing in China.

“The payload works really well. It ishighly appreciated by Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology and end-users.” Dr. SI Fuqi, the EMI project principal investigator from AIOFM, tells us.



Atmospheric Environmental Monitoring Payloads of GF-5 Satellite

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