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A novel calibration optical path in cryoenic radiometer TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2015.07.29 Author:Jing YAN, Weiwei PANG Clicks:

Recently, Prof. Xiaobing ZHENG,Dr. Weiwei PANG and their research team designed and madea novel calibration optical path by placing the standard transfer detector in a Y-shape vacuum unit. This design theoretically eliminated the uncertainty caused by the window transmittance. The result is reported in Novel calibration optical path of cryogenic radiometer (Chinese Optics Letters Vol.13, No.5, 2015) .

It has been demonstrated that the reflectance and the scattering effect of Brewster window plays a significant role in characterizing the absolute power of laser. As to the successive calibration in wide spectrum, the wavelength of the output beam from the tunable laser varies with the polarization state, thus it is essential to accurately measure and adjust the polarization state in different wavelengths repeatedly. However, the workload of this traditional experimental scheme is too large, and meanwhile the uncertainty increases due to the low repeatability of the optical path.

In this study, a fine instrument with automatic reset technology was used to increase the accuracy of the cryogenic radiometer and standard transfer detector switching into the optical path, therefore, the uncertainty caused by spatial non-uniformity decreased. Two calibration optical paths, covering visible and infrared spectrum respectively, have been established in a Y-shape vacuum chamber, in which beam shaping, spatial filtering power stabling, and stray light suppression technology were put into use. Such a design can be used as a new calibration technique for successive calibration in broad spectrum. And this research result becomes a powerful support for the quantitative traceability of radiation standard. 




                         Y-type calibration optical path of cryogenic radiometer  Imaged by Weiwei PANG  





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