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Lidar Measurement of Atmospheric Profiles was published TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2015.06.04 Author:Ke’ e Yuan Clicks:


Lidar Measurement of Atmospheric Profiles (LMAP) was published by Science Publisher on November in 2014. This book is coauthored by 16 researchers from the Center of Atmospheric Optics in Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), and funded by the science and technology fundamental special project, Investigation of Important Atmospheric Parameters with High Vertical Resolution in East China.

LMAP summarized lidar progress of research and application in AIOFM since 80’s last century, introduced over ten kinds of lidar systems developed creatively and integrates independently, such as L625 lidar system, dual-wavelength Raman-Mie lidar system, and etc., showed the Long-term measurements of atmosphere with the above self-developed equipments, and archived amount of ceaseless observation data, which widely broaden the field of lidar measurement and application.

In addition, the book described the fundamental data processing of lidar profiling, the key technologies of lidar design, and listed the measurement data and analyzed meteorological parameters (temperature, humidity and wind field), aerosol and minor trace gases (atmospheric O3,CO2,SO2 and NO2) in the East China regions.

LMAP was highly praised by Prof. Yihui Ding, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. He pointed out, “LMAP is a monograph with many new results presented, and now, its special content and depth is unique in China. It is worth of great reference for the experts and researchers in lidar and the relative fields and also readable for the others.



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