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AIOFM Applies Wind Profiler Radar to Forecast Disastrous Weather Successfully TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2011.07.27 Author:Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics Clicks:

On July 26th, it hailed in Anhui (Hefei, Wuhu, Chaohu), Shanghai, Beijing and many other cities. It hailed, thundered, and rained heavily at the same time in Suzhou. Perhaps in future people will no longer be shocked by the extreme convective weather -Atmospheric Optics Research Center of AIOFM, CAS has used wind profiler radar to forewarn such severe weather successfully. According to the real-time detection data by wind profiler radars, Anhui Meteorology Bureau has forewarned much severe convective weather including what happened on July 26th.

Airda16000 wind profiler radar is a kind of fully coherent pulsed Doppler radar which can detect and deal with the echo intensity and motion information of atmospheric turbulent eddy. The system consists of all-solid-state five-beam phased array antenna beam, radar control systems and software. With remote sensing method, radar can obtain real-time data of layered wind speed, wind direction and vertical airflow in the height range of 150 m to 12000 m continuously. The maximum detectable height can reach 16000 m.

With the advantages of high resolution in detecting space and high degree of automation, the wind profiler radar can provide high resolution structure of the wind field, discover wind shear and downburst, and other meteorological factors, and provide timely information in weather forecast. Its detection period is not more than 6 minutes, wind speed measurement error is less than 1.5 m / s, and the measurement error is less than 10 degree. Such a high density and high accuracy observation brings great convenience to the weather system identification. For example shear line, frontal zone, rapids zone, divergence or convergence zone, the strong clear-air turbulence zone can be shown clearly in the wind profiler radar observation data.

Wind profiler radar may make up the temporal and spatial resolution of general air sounding information twice a day. From temporal section of the wind profiler radar data, the upper trough is very easy to be analyzed. By analyzing that wind field rotates clockwise or counterclockwise with height, we can determine cold and warm flat flow. Comprehensive analysis on the information of wind profiler radar net can be used to get wind vector, vorticity, and divergence distribution of all layers. These data are very valuable for disastrous weather analysis and quick forecast.

In Jianghuai area, extreme weather occurs frequently in summer. The thunderstorm and gale caused by strong convection weather, will blow down big trees, break electric wires and interrupt communication in urban areas. Strong convection weather will cause death of livestock, reduction of crops and no harvest in countryside. It threatens the security of the people’s lives and property seriously. Only in June 2009, strong convection weather which occurred in Anhui killed dozens of people and caused hundreds of millions direct economic loss. In order to forewarn the disastrous weather, from 2008, AIOFM atmospheric optics research center started long-term cooperation with the Anhui Provincial Meteorological Bureau. The wind profiler radar of the former was used as the data source of meteorological monitoring network to provide real-time data support for short-term weather forecast and medium and long term thereafter analysis.

According to reports, besides forewarning disastrous weather, the wind profiler radars can observe real-time airflow over the launch site and on flight path to avoid the flight errors caused by strong turbulence. It has broad application prospect in civil aviation field.



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