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China-Russia Research Center for Atmospheric Optics Opens A New Chapter TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.11.07 Author:WANG Zhenzhu Clicks:

On October 16 to 19, at the invitation of Prof. Igor ptashnik, the director of Institute of Atmospheric Optics (or IAO) , Prof. RAO Ruizhong, the director of Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), led a delegation of four to visit Tomsk, Russia, to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration of IAO, and to further promote international collaboration between the two sides as well.

Prof. RAO Ruizhong and his team participated in the 50th anniversary celebration of IAO, and had extensive exchanges with the Russian researchers and scholars. At the same time, the AIOFM delegation visited especially the nonlinear optics laboratory and lidar laboratory.

During this visit, the two sides shared their latest research progress and had discussions through academic reports, and they agreed to carry out substantive cooperation in two key research directions under the framework proposed by the China Russia joint research center for atmospheric optics. One is to construct the large aperture lidar atmospheric exploration platform, the other is going to the theory and application of femtosecond laser transmission.

The two sides arranged cooperation agents respectively for specific promotion. In order to deepen cooperation, both sides agreed to launch the first China Russia International Symposium on atmospheric optics.

In addition, the two sides also reached cooperation intention on new lidar measurement technologies.

As an important part of the exchanges between China and Russia, Professor Anatoli borovoi of IAO visited China in October 2019 for two months of academic visits and exchanges, in whcih Dr. Wang Zhenzhu from AIOFM as a Collaborator.

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