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Professor CHEN Weidong from the Université du Littoral Selected as Overseas expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.10.29 Author:LIU Kun Clicks:

Professor CHEN Weidong of the Université du Littoral, France,recommended by the Anhui Institute of Optics and Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (AIOFM), has been selected as an “overseas expert” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor CHEN has been a close collaborator with the AIOFM for a long time. Since 2007, he has been employed as an invited professor of AIOFM and he has made enormous contribution to graduate students and young scientist training of the institute by inviting them to France as postdocs or exchange students.

The selection of professor Chen as an Overseas Experts of Chinese Academy of Sciences will further improve the collaboration between the two sides towards high-quality and high-level development and will promote internationalization and influence of AIOFM .

Professor CHEN Weidong has been worked at Université du Littoral since 1993. His current research interests are high-sensitivity spectroscopy techniques including cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy, faraday rotational absorption spectroscopy and laser heterodyne spectroscopy, and its application to the detection of atmospheric key components such as OH radicals, HNO3, and HONO.

Professor CHEN is the executive director of the French Molecular Spectroscopy Association, a member of the French Riviera University Teaching Council (2005~2008) and a member of the Research Council (2008~).

In recent years, he has organized the EGU section of "Advanced Spectrometry and Atmospheric Sciences", the American Optical Society conference "Application of Laser in Chemistry, Safety and Environmental Analysis", section of "Advanced Photonics Technology for Atmospheric Spectral Sensing" of PIERS (The International Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium), "Frontier Technology in Spectroscopy", "Spectrum Instruments under Extreme Application Conditions" and other international academic conferences.

As a gust editor, he has organized several special issue of international journals such as Applied Optics, Sensors and Atmospheric Measurement Techniques to promote technical exchanges and cooperation in this field. At the same time, Professor Chen is also a scientific and technological project review expert in Poland, Australia, India, Israel, France, China.

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