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AIOFM Researchers visited Shizuoka University and Kyushu University in Japan TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.07.23 Author:WANG Shimao Clicks:

Recently, at the invitation of Research Institute of Electronics (RIE), Shizuoka University, and Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (IMCE), Kyushu University, Prof. FANG Xiaodong and his team visited Shizuoka University and Kyushu University. During the visit, they had academic exchanges with Japanese scientists on high-energy ray detection and semiconductor gas sensing.

At RIE of Shizuoka University, Prof. FANG Xiaodong and his team visited the radiation detection laboratory of RIE, and discussed with Prof. V. Gnatyuk on the structure design, material selection, and device fabrication of semiconductor radiation detectors. Furthermore, they also discussed the joint research plan of radiation detection based on perovskite single crystal materials.

At IMCE of Kyushu University, they visited the laboratory of Prof. Yanagida group. Prof. MENG Gang introduced the latest research progress of AIOFM in semiconductor gas sensing, and discussed with Prof. Yanagida the next research plan of CAS-JSPS joint research project. In addition, some experiments were carried out jointly in the laboratory of Prof. Yanagida group

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