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Professor Yanagida from Kyushu University visited AIOFM TEXT SIZE: A A A
Date:2019.02.27 Author:LIU Hongyu Clicks:

Professor Takeshi Yanagida, associate professor Kazuki Nagashima, Tsunaki Takahashi, Dr. Zetao Zhu and Hiroshi Anzai from Kyushu University visited Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM)  on February 20, at the invitation of professor Gang Meng. 

Professor Yanagida gave a lecture entitled "Metal Oxide Nanostructure Meets Internet of Things (IoT)". In the report, professor Yanagida proposed that metal oxide nanostructures based sensors, as the necessary interface connecting the virtual cyber space and real space, would have great potential applications at the era of the Internet of Things. The rational design of various oxide nanostructures will be the first step toward their device applications. The principle of "Material Flux Window”, universal rule of designing various new (heterogeneous) metal oxide nanowires, unintentionally and intentionally doping of oxide nanowires, suspended metal oxide nanowires sensors, target molecule recognition of lung cancer marker and biomolecule analyzer were reported in his report.. 

After the lecture, a joint seminar between Fang Lab and Yanagida Lab was held under the framework of CAS-JSPS Joint Research Project. Over twenty researchers and graduate students attended the seminar and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the joint project.

Background :

Professor Yanagida Takeshi has worked in Panasonic and Osaka University, before joining in Kyushu University as full professor in 2015. His main research interests include the accurate design of metal oxide nanostructures and their applications in giant magneto resistance (GMR), non-volatile memory, microfluidic chips and gas molecular recognition devices. So far, more than 100 academic papers have been published in impacting journals such as Nano Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Advanced Materials, Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters, etc.

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