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Anhui Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (AIOFM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), established in 1970, is located at the “Science Island” on Lake Dongpu in western Hefei, Anhui province, covering a total area of 400,000 square meters. AIOFM employs over 400 staffs, including 58 professors, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Focusing on the demands of the fast development of the national economy and society, AIOFM participated in the CAS Innovation Program and developed its own specific research fields such as Atmospheric Optics,Environmental Optics, Optical Remote Sensing and Laser Technology and Engineering. AIOFM has been undertaking lots of major research projects supported by the National Key Research Program for Science and Technology, the National High Technology Research and Development Program, the State Key Development Program for Basic Research, the National Natural Science Foundation, Funds of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for Key Topics in Innovation Engineering, and various provincial and local research programs, in the fields of laser atmospheric propagating and sounding, laser spectroscopy, environmental optics and related monitoring technologies, optical remote sensing and radiation calibration, solid and excimer laser systems and nonlinear optics, fiber optics and photonics, optical crystal materials, and optoelectronics engineering, etc.

AIOFM has eight national, CAS or provincial key labs, i.e., National Engineering Research Center for Environment Optical Monitoring Instrument, Key Lab in Atmospheric Optics of the National High Technology Research and Development Program, State Environmental Protection Key Lab of Optical Monitoring Technology, Key Lab of Atmospheric composition and optical Radiation of CAS, Key Lab in Optical Calibration and Characterization of CAS, Key Lab in Environmental Optics & Technology of CAS, Key Lab in Environmental Optical Monitoring Techniques of Anhui Province, and Anhui Provincial Key Lab of Photonic Devices and Materials. With the expertise on OEM R&D and strong capacity on integration and manufacture, lots of high-tech prototypes from optical materials and devices to application systems and instruments have been developed; AIOFM also holds the qualification system authentications defined by GB/T19001-2000 and GJB9001A-2001.

AIOFM has 2 postdoctoral stations, and offers 3 PhD programs and 7 Master programs, and has turned out more than 1,000 excellent personnel with graduate degrees. AIOFM takes an active part in setting up cooperative programs and has signed agreements for cooperation with universities, research institutes and companies in China and through more than 20 countries and areas. There are two academic journals edited and published by AIOFM, the Chinese Journal of Quantum Electronics and the Journal of Atmospheric and Environmental Optics, which have a significant impact on the research fields.


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